Porque alguém muito info-excluído pediu (you know who you are!), e eu até tenho que esperar que o frango asse e que o Game of Thrones acabe de sacar (quê, aqui ninguém faz download ilegal, hã?), aqui estão as fotos do February Photo a Day Challenge!

Day 1: Fork

Day 2: Pattern

Day 3: Something Beginning with "E"

Day 4: Hope

Day 5: Something You Smelled [coffee and toast]

Day 6: Soft [kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur]

Day 7: Your Name

DAy 8: Something Orange

Day 9: Guilty Pleasure 

Day 11: Entrance

Day 12: Walking [home in my PJ pants]

Day 14: Love is... [waiting for your valentine to pick you up from the lab]

Day 15: Inside Your Fridge

Day 16: Perfect

Day 17: In Your Hand [the first strawberry of the year]

Day 18: Something You Don't Like [missing my boat because of a few minutes of distraction]

Day 19: I am... [wearing glasses today]

Day 20: Where You Stod

Day 21: Full [Full tip box vs empty tip box]

Day 22: Makes You Smile

Day 23: A Word

Day 24: Cloud

Day 25: On Your Bedside Table

Day 26: Quiet

Day 27: Playing [videogames with some kid while I check the magazines]

Ah... e estou a pensar fazer o de Maio!


  1. Olaaa!!!
    É só para avisar que hoje é dia 02 de Maio e ainda não está aqui foto nenhuma!:D


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